Sustainable every step of the way

Sustainable every step of the way

Scania’s approach to sustainability is firmly rooted in our core values and our way of working. We strive to ensure that our business is sustainable in all aspects and that at every stage we are complying with the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.

Conducting a responsible business is a key priority for Scania, from our supply chain, to our production system, how we interact at the workplace and towards our business partners as well as our role in the communities where we operate. Scania is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, which has now been complemented by Agenda 2030 and its sustainability goals.

Guided by the core values, Scania closely reviews the strategic direction so as to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure adherence to ethical principles. With elimination of waste as the cornerstone, The Scania Production System (SPS) and the Scania Retail System (SRS), both central components of The Scania Way, guide our employees in their daily work.

Scania promotes clarity and simplicity in governance for sustainability and ethics. Every manager shall ensure that our sustainability agenda are understood and acted upon in every unit. Because of the cross-functional nature of sustainability issues, the Sustainability Advisory Board has been set up to prepare decisions and coordinate efforts across the organisation.

From 2016 all major investments in our industrial and commercial operations will be assessed using sustainability criteria. Before any investment decision, factors such as energy and carbon savings are taken into account and a full picture is presented to the decision-making groups.