Supporting economic growth

Supporting economic growth

By delivering people and goods with efficient, low-carbon transport, Scania can help spur economic growth, especially in fast-growing cities.

Economic growth depends on better and more efficient transport for goods and people. Scania vehicles, products and low-carbon solutions can make an important contribution to tackling this challenge in an expanding global economy.

Sustainable transport solutions for cities enhance the mobility that is the lifeblood of urban economies. Scania’s solutions and services span the globe. From Johannesburg, South Africa to Guayaquil in Ecuador and Jiangsu Province in China, BRT systems use dedicated lanes with priority over other traffic and combine comfort and reliability with cost-efficient transport and low emissions.

Innovative customer-focus

To promote sustainable transport and help customers get the maximum benefit from Scania’s products and services, Scania tailors solutions and packages to suit their business needs.

  • Scania’s service solutions to maximise uptime and efficiency are gaining traction especially in South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea.
  • On-premises maintenance workshops to bus and coach companies help keep their own service offering smooth, reliable and efficient.
  • Enhancing customers’ understanding of Total Operating Economy – the cost and revenue per kilometre, taking into account uptime and distance capability of vehicles helps increase recognition of the value of premium Scania vehicles to their business. This is especially important in China.
  • Scania offers rental solutions through which lifetime cost is divided into monthly payments to include repairs and maintenance.

Global and local economic impact

Scania’s operations located in emerging markets provide customer insights as well as local employment.

To ensure Scania has skilled staff wherever the company operates, Scania collaborates with universities such as the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and builds education centres such as Scania Transport Academy in Iraq, China Dragon School and an upcoming Vocational Training Centre in Ghana.

Wherever Scania works, partnership with governments, businesses and local communities is essential to the success in promoting sustainable transport and economic efficiency.