Sunny afternoon and ice cream by the lake

Sunny afternoon and ice cream by the lake

Work has started and with that several different projects. Later today I’ll post a short description about the concept of SIP later years.

As usually with projects, and especially for us who are new, we need to get a hold of several different people to ask about a thousand different questions before we can get started. Everyone is very helpful, but also busy, so some people are not easy getting hold off. This was extra difficult during Wednesday afternoon when all the technical departments went to a quarterly meeting. So, when we had little to do, since we couldn’t find the right person, we solved it by taking an extra long afternoon fika. The fika contained of ice cream and sunny weather next to the Scania lake. This also gave us the chance to talk a little bit more to each other, not only work stuff, and get to know one another. I think the social aspects are very important to enjoy your work and workplace.

The whole gang doing SIP later years in transmission manufacturing.

The Scania lake.


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