Strength through diversity

Strength through diversity

Ensuring that Scania’s workforce features a good balance of gender, ages, backgrounds and experience is crucial to the company’s on-going success.

Expanding the talent pool

Diversity strengthens the company and supports the strategies towards 2020. By capturing skills from a diverse pool, Scania hopes to boost the ability to attract and retain talent and be recognised as an employer of choice. As one sign of moving towards this goal, in 2014, of the more than 970 people who applied for 24 places in the company’s graduate training scheme, 32 percent were women, and 52 percent of successful applicants were female.

Employees with a range of backgrounds and experiences increase the company’s knowledge base, improve the ability to address customer needs and strengthen the market position. In 2015 Scania initiated a network of Swedish companies called the ‘Diversity Practice and Workforce Sustainability Learning Hub’. The first meeting, in February 2015, gathered a range of companies from different industry sectors. We will share best practice and challenge each other in the area of sustainability.

View from the top

Scania’s successful gender diversity programme helped boost progress on female representation. Today 1.5 percent more women are in management positions than in 2010. Two years ago only one nationality was represented among the 26 most senior members of management; now there are six. Diversity figures are reported to the Board every quarter and in Sweden the diversity plan is updated annually.