Street Smart – Bus Systems by Scania

Street Smart – Bus Systems by Scania

As private motorists jam the streets of the world’s cities, city planners are increasingly turning to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems − smart, comprehensive city bus solutions. To date, Scania has delivered almost 4,000 buses to BRT systems to big cities worldwide.

May 2014: 62 buses to Mexico City. March 2014: 300 buses to Accra in Ghana in western Africa. December 2013: 269 buses to Bogotá in Colombia. The latest year Scania has taken several big orders for BRT systems to be delivered to large cities worldwide.

Compared with urban rail, BRT systems are cheaper to build, and the time required from plan to fully built system is also usually shorter. Meanwhile the benefits for commuters stay the same in a BRT compared with a tram. Shorter travel times, increased safety and more comfortable buses are only some of the benefits that can be mentioned.

So far countries in Latin America have invested the most in these systems, and BRT systems can be found for example in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala. In China, where urban areas are expanding rapidly, there are now BRT networks in several cities, including the 10 million city Guangzhou, and the number is increasing in large parts of the Southeast Asia.

BRT Bogota, Colombia.