Scania at a Glance

Stephen Lacombe wins the Ecolution Award

Stephen Lacombe from France is the winner of the Ecolution Award at Scania’s Young European Truck Driver (YETD) competition.

Lacombe’s scores were an average speed of 55 km/h, an average fuel consumption of 34.64 litres per 10 kilometres and a productivity of 1.59.

“It was a really nice surprise although not entirely unexpected,” says Lacombe.

Driving with a focus on fuel economy is a very familiar task for Lacombe, as it is a part of his everyday work.

“Each Friday my manager sums up the fuel consumption for each driver and we do our best,” he says.

“We all realize that fuel is a major part of the company’s costs.”

The Ecolution Award goes to the driver who performs best in fuel economy driving, which is a part of the qualification round of the YETD competition.

The purpose of the Ecolution Award is to highlight the importance of driver skill in achieving reduced fuel consumption, thereby lowering operating costs and reducing environmental impact. The winner receives a 1,000 euro prize cheque, which will be handed over on stage by Anders Grundströmer, Regional Director Scania, on Saturday at around 14.30.

A skilled driver can save substantial amounts of money for a fleet operator. By adopting the Ecolution by Scania concept, cost savings averaging SEK 100,000 per vehicle per year can be achieved, 50 percent of this as a result of the driver’s performance.