SSI Summer meet-up

SSI Summer meet-up

Last week we got an email from Madde telling us that we would have a summer meet-up filled with fun activities 😀 . Our mentors and bosses were also invited to the event and there would be barbecue (yay!).

The meeting has held on Monday 17th June, we were gathering at the Scania Technical Centre (STC) at 13:00 and then a Scania bus would take us to the place 🙂 . Jessica was waiting for us and she made sure everyone got into the bus.

We were going to Södertälje Park and Madde was already there waiting for us. She also told us that we would be divided into teams of five and at the end of the day they would announce the team that had the best points 😀

Since there were many people, we were divided into 2 groups of around 5 teams each: one which would be playing Archery golf (pilbågsgolf in Swedish) and the other would be playing Bubble Football then we all groups were finished we would switch activities. We started off by practicing how to hold the bow and arrow and finally how to throw the arrow. I must say, it was not easy at all! (I better train my arms more if I plan on doing it again hehe). The bow was big and it seemed like I could not hold the arrow long enough for it to land far away 🙁 but after many tries I managed to keep my score up to four shots haha.


yep I am dangerous haha


After Archery golf and Bubble Football we all gathered to play Archery Tag … we were keeping the same groups as for Archery golf and we would play against each other two by two. It was very fun, I guess I started to get used to the arrow since I managed to throw one at the right target hahaha …  the hours went so fast and it was time to eat dinner: everyone got hamburgers and cola.

The bus was waiting for us already (the driver also got a hamburger hehe), so everyone gathered their things and went to the bus. Luckily for me and my boyfriend, we were offered a ride back home by Madde (she is so nice!, if you are reading this post: we really appreciated it Madde 😀 ) so we waited for her to get ready and she drove us home. Since she lives in Västra Skogen, which is near where we live, she practically left us at the door haha.


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