As a part of the SSI-program, I was assigned a sponsor. We see our sponsors while at Scania and also pay them visits during the semesters. My sponsor is named Lina, she is s a young engineer and honestly a true source of inspiration. One lunch this summer I sat down with her and asked her a few question about her career, her view of Scania as employer and how she sees the fact that she is a woman working in a man-dominated business.

Right now (August) she is ”in-between-jobs”. But not “in-between” as in “she-left-one-and-has-got-no-new” (as the famous character Fredrik in c/o Segemyhr). She is actually managing two jobs at the moment as she is in transition, moving from one to another. Within in the department of electrical system,her former positionwas as a coordinatorfor new test vehicles. In her new position she will be working closer – physically – to the vehicles, updating software, carrying out safety tests and doing more driving. Through her job, she got to take a truck drivers licence in December last year, as it is important for her to be able to test the vehicles herself.

Lina was born in 1986 and has undertaken Master of Science in engineering from KTH in Design and Product Development. She found the employment as coordinator during the time she wrote her master thesis at Scania. She would probably never have come across that position if she hadn’t done her master thesis here, which she is very happy for today. Lina admit that Scania was not the place where she pictured herself in the future while she studied. But the picture she had of Scania then, is not the same today.

Lina would describe Scania’s work culture as very ambitious, because everyone is heavily engaged in their work tasks (which is contagious!) but yet, no one is in need of pushing others down to apprehend themselves. “Everyone is extremely helpful. That became very clear to me as I did my master thesis. When you come as a new person, you ask of time from everyone else, but you can hardly give anything back at the moment. People here gladly helped me all the time and no one even thought of saying no. I would say I still have that picture of employees at Scania”. Another thing she appreciates is that the amount of work never gets too overwhelming, even though pace might be very high from time to times. “It’s not like by boss would throw piles of work at me demanding me to do hours of late night work, that’s not how we do things here”.

We talk about the fact that there are more men than women at Scania and how it affects the work culture. “Not at all”, Lina claim. “I have been to meetings many times and discovering first after 30 minutes that I am the only woman among 20 men. Not too seldom, I am also the youngest person in the room.”

Lina recently discovered a new sport. Cycling. Mostly she does road cycling but ones in a while she also practice mountain biking as well. “I prefer hanging out with friends while doing sports, it’s a good way of meeting people”. One of her characteristics is that she likes having a lot going on. “For example, during my vacation this summer, I actually longed a bit for work. Because at work, I have a very social role and too much relaxing makes me want to get back and find some more stimulation! But misunderstand me right, of course I do love to have vacation!”

If one would want to get a position at Scania, Lina says that the master thesis is good way in. You get in touch with many groups and get to see a lot that you might never even considered if you didn’t see it first. During her studies, she had different jobs during the summers at larger industries. She believe it was a benefit and something she would recommend others if they know they want to get in at Scania.


If you want a sponsor at Scania, you need to apply to the SSI-program, and the last day to apply is TODAY. Good Luck!


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