Smart and safe transport

Smart and safe transport

Digitalisation opens up for sustainable and safe transport of both goods and people.

For us, smart transport means that we apply the same philosophy to the logistics chain to help our customers, and our customers’ customers. The potential is enormous. Long-haulage operations in Europe have an average filling rate of 60 percent. 40 percent waste is a great opportunity and we are convinced that efficiency could increase a lot through better planning and smarter systems. We believe smart and safe transport can be a ‘game changer’ for sustainability in the transport sector.

Smart and safe transport uses digitalisation technologies to achieve the most efficient transport solutions for cities, industries or logistics. The most obvious application of digitalisation is connectivity. Starting already in 2011 to standard equip Scania vehicles with the on-board Communicator computer, has resulted in a vast number of connected trucks and buses on the road. Vehicle data that is collected and used in the right way can create huge opportunities to reduce waste and optimise transport flows, while also allowing us to provide our customers, and in turn their customers, with the ideas and solutions for improving efficiency in the transport value chain.

With the real time data Scania has developed services to lower fuel consumption and maximise vehicle uptime such as Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans – contracts customised for each truck based on real-time user data. The result is fewer and usually shorter stops, less waste from unnecessary oil changes and up to two days fewer standstill per vehicle annually. More uptime to boosts profitability.