SIP start up and Kaizen

SIP start up and Kaizen

The last exams are done for the year and summer has officially begun. This also means that my summer at Scania has begun and SIP year 2. I started a few days earlier, last Wednesday, but most of my fellow colleagues in the Internship programme start today, which also means that the actual work plan for the summer starts this week.

But one other intern and I started as I said a few days earlier, so last week we were thrown into a three days long Kaizen project that our boss was participating in. It’s been super interesting to see how you can work with improvements projects in production.

Kaizen is Japanese and means “continuous improvements” and is a fundamental part in lean manufacturing and for achieving quality. Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Kaizen:

“In business, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.”

The aim of our Kaizen project was to increase the capacity in a part of the manufacturing process, an oven, that is a bottleneck. The plan was to load more parts per tray in the oven. So last week we spent a day out in the production to load a few test trays. They were then processed in the oven and sent for different measurements. So, during the weekend they measured all of the parts and we are now waiting to look at the result and analyze it to see if it is possible to achieve the same quality with more parts per tray. If it’s possible, this will be the new way to load the trays.

I am also excited to start the actual SIP internship this week and to meet all of my new colleagues in the program. There are a few familiar faces from last year, but mostly new people. I’ll be back with a post later this week to tell you about the first whole week at Scania.


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