Services with the customer’s profitability in focus

Services with the customer’s profitability in focus

Scania views every vehicle as a production unit. The better suited it is to its unique duties and the more supported it is by tailor-made services, the bigger the customer’s potential to get a return on its investment. This embodies our core value of putting the customer first.

Services are integral to Scania’s offering. Inspired by the product modularisation concept, we tailor services to meet each customer’s needs. Quick access to parts, speedy repairs, driver coaching and tailor-made maintenance plans are among the services Scania offers to enhance the vehicles’ performance and the customers’ profitability.

Maximising uptime

Scania’s repair and maintenance services make sure the vehicles stay in top condition, from the superstructure and trailer to the body and parts. With comprehensive maintenance plans, accident repair and vehicle-related services, its aim is maximum uptime for the customer.

One example is Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans, by which the customer’s vehicles are called in for service when the operating data indicate that maintenance is needed, rather than based on set mileage. Thus the vehicle receives the maintenance it needs and, in most cases, spends less time in the workshop.

Scania has an extensive network of around 1,700 workshops. Around 20,000 people work with sales and services in Scania’s subsidiaries worldwide. Our service workshops are strategically located along transport routes and near logistics centres to enable high uptime for the customer. Scania’s global logistics network ensures that all Scania parts are available for rapid delivery.

Quickly back in business

Scania offers emergency service to all customers via Scania Assistance or local country offices. Scania Assistance is available for customers 24/7 and allows customers in some 50 countries to maintain continuous contact with Scania in their own language via 16 Assistance centres, in order to minimise unplanned downtime.

Drivers reach their full potential

Scania Driver Services help even the most experienced drivers to drive more safely and economically. Other positive effects include longer-lasting tyres and powertrain as well as increased road safety awareness.

Our driver services include: Driver training which combines classroom training with practical in-vehicle training, including fuel-efficient driving, and Driver coaching, a personalised training programme for drivers, based on their actual performance behind the wheel, to reach their full potential in fuel-efficient driving.

Ecolution by Scania combines our tailored products with driver services. Based on a continuous customer dialogue, the shared goal is improved fuel efficiency. Through optimised vehicle specification, performance diagnostics, driver training and monthly follow-ups, our results show an average 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Based on each customer’s need

Scania conducts financing operations in 53 countries, which builds trust and loyalty in the Scania brand. These services aim to make vehicle ‘ownership’ easy by offering leasing, financing and insurance, based on each customer’s needs and abilities.

Scania Financial Services offer flexible financing to suit the customers’ business plan and budget – whether buying one vehicle or expanding a fleet. Scania’s insurance offering provides efficient claims handling and replacement vehicles when needed – helping to improve uptime.

The Scania truck rental fleet has an extensive range of vehicles, and suits customers seeking to avoid tying up operational capacity and capital.

Letting customers focus on their core business

Operation support and operation management are services enabling customers to focus on their core business. Examples include Scania Fleet Care, our monitoring, repair and maintenance service that makes sure each vehicle is performing at peak condition.

Scania’s customer workshop services provide customers with Scania technicians for their own workshops to meet servicing needs at the customer site.

Scania Fleet Management gives the transport company tools for efficient transport operation and planning, execution and integration in customer operations to increase the efficiency of the fleet. Customers can choose from different packages that track vehicle utilisation, driver performance and fuel consumption. Interfaces include smartphones and data can be received in real time.

Scania also offers services tailored to optimise transport solutions, whereby we look at a customer’s overall operation and identify waste and advise on improvements in logistics flows.