Services for a better business

Services for a better business

Scania’s financing and insurance services fit hand-in-glove with the new generation Scania XT range of construction trucks. Customers can expect a profound understanding of the daily challenges that they face – and flexible solutions to match their needs.

Take for instance the annual operational fluctuations that characterise batching plant operations in certain countries. When the snow lies deep on the ground, building activity grinds to a halt and, consequently, so do concrete deliveries to construction sites. Scania Finance is well aware of circumstances such as these and can offer a seasonal payment plan adapted to cash-flow variation.

Finance stands behind its customers

In addition to the valuable truck, hauliers in the construction industry invest in costly bodies. Scania Finance stands behind its customers not only in the good times, but also during the difficult periods. Unlike normal lending institutions, it has a thorough and deep understanding of the hauliers’ businesses and their method of generating income.

Having obtained a construction delivery contract, the customer can choose either a short-term or a medium-term service – operating lease or financial lease. These are the product options that depend on accounting needs, often associated with repair and maintenance services.

Scania Insurance has the same understanding of the realities of the business. Construction vehicles face different risks to long-haulage trucks. While they are less susceptible to the risk of serious road accidents, lost uptime is equally detrimental in the construction business. And a greater danger in these transport operations is the risk of collisions on crowded building sites. Broken lights may require simpler repairs but swift workshop action is just as important for getting the vehicle back on the road and generating income. Scania Insurance is well aware of the need for expediency and will normally waive time-consuming inspections prior to repairs.