Seminar week, beach volleyball and meeting all the trainees again

Seminar week, beach volleyball and meeting all the trainees again

Last week I was back working in Södertälje and it was so much fun meeting all the other trainees again! We had a lot of experiences to share from the different countries we had just moved back from so there were lots to talk about. However, catching up was not the only thing being done the first week since we had a full schedule of seminars in front of us.

During the trainee program there are 3 seminar weeks planned by the trainees for the trainees and each with a different theme. This week had the theme service to delivery and I was in the planning group. The theme implied that we should learn as much as possible about the different services we have at Scania so therefore we had invited managers and project leaders representing all kind of departments working with our services.

The week also started off very good from having a visit from the CEO himself, Henrik Henriksson. Henrik´s lecture was not focusing so much on our services but he gave us an opportunity to ask whatever questions we wanted about Scania, the future of the industry etc. Following Henrik came another one of the gentlemen from the Executive Board, Christian Levin. Christian is head of sales and marketing and he gave us an overview about the services and the great value they bring to the company.

Something that was maybe not that clear before this week, but that we truly learnt was how important all our services actually are! Before I started at Scania it was the development and production of the truck that I thought of when thinking about the company. Now in the end of the trainee program and after spending 3 months at the distributor and meeting the customers I have a clear understanding that also the services are extremely important in this industry. For example all our workshops. That the customers can rely on the best service from mechanics that are specified in fixing Scania trucks makes a strong image to the brand. Also for example financing is a service that are used by a big share of our customers and that makes it possible for us to give the customers the best service. Driver training and all kind of connected services are also new ways of doing business that can be important when signing a deal. For the future it is probably the services that will bring most revenue to the company and with the rapid technology development also big companies needs to be agile and fast when it comes to developing new business models and services that can help our customers.

We learnt a lot from all the lectures but best part of the week, I must say, was our evening activity when we played beach volleyball! I was responsible for planning the evening activity and beach volleyball was an easy choice since I have been playing indoor volleyball for many years and wanted to see my fellow trainee friends perform in the sand. No need to say I won the tournament and was named queen of the beach (said it anyway!). It was a really nice activity, a great idea for after work if you want to do something fun and different in Södertälje! 😊

Next week I will let you know what we did the very last week of the trainee program. For that week I am very excited since most of the week is still a secret.

Thank you for now!

Best regards
Julia Asplund


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