Scania at a Glance

See Svempa’s spectacular trucks in Södertälje

In 1970, Sven-Erik ”Svempa” Bergendahl customised his first Scania tow truck. Over the past decades, he has customised several tractor units in collaboration with Scania. This close cooperation is highlighted in an exciting exhibition at the Scania Museum in Södertälje. The exhibition will be open through summer.

Svempa’s restyled trucks have been shown all over the world and wherever he travels he meets a dedicated following of enthusiasts. Although the legendary Svempa is, as always, in the limelight, the exhibition primarily focuses on the long-lasting cooperating with Scania. In practice, however, Svempa and his fantastic trucks are inseparable.

Blue Shark

Blue Shark

On display is the 4-series truck Blue Shark, the extended R 580 Longline and his latest Limited Edition creation, Black Amber. The recently built tractor unit, Jade Wing, is also shown during the weeks when it is not scheduled for other trucking events.

Svempa’s customisation is well integrated in Scania’s industrial production process. The basic cab is produced together with all other cabs at the production unit in Oskarshamn and subsequently shipped to Laxå for paintwork. The cab is then sent back to Oskarshamn, where is interior is assembled. The finished cab is shipped to Södertälje for final assembly before Svempa’s workshop during ten days add eye-catching custom details. The fully customised truck is then ready for delivery to the customer.

“This is a rational and economical way of producing trucks in small series at reasonable costs,” says Svempa’s chief stylist Jan Richter.

Svempa T cab convertible, Red pearl

Svempa T cab convertible, Red pearl

The Limited Edition trucks come with a 10–20 percent higher price tag. Over the years, Svempa has styled six Limited Edition series for Scania. In total, 450 trucks have been sold with Italy as the largest market.


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