Scania expands its new generation truck range

Scania is introducing a new generation of Euro 6 V8 engines that represent a new standard in fuel consumption.Read more

Documents: Scania expands its new generation truck range

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IMAGES: Scania expands its new generation truck range

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Scania at ConExpo

Scania to showcase state-of-the-art industrial engines and strong service offeringRead more

Images: Scania at ConExpo 2017

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Scania at Middle East Electricity: The broadest range of reliable and fuel-efficient power generation solutions.

Scania will showcase its broad range of reliable and fuel-efficient power generation solutions at the Middle East Electricity (MEE) trade show in Dubai.Read more

IMAGES: Scania at Middle East Electricity 2017

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Next Generation Scania

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MINExpo 2016: Scania takes lean production efficiency into mining

Scania Site Optimisation can help mine operators identify waste in their work processes, before offering a range of solutions to boost logistical flows that can be tailored to the customer’s needs.Read more

IMAGES: MINExpo 2016

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Scania at IAA 2016

Scania is introducing tailor-made solutions for 36 different applications as part of its efforts to always be able to offer customers the most sustainable solutions for every type of transport assignment.Read more

IMAGES: Scania at IAA 2016

Scania recently premiered an entirely new range of trucks which represents a complete renewal of Scania’s range of solutions.Read more

Documents: Scania at IAA 2016

Customer profitability is at the heart of Scania’s tailor-made range of sustainable products and services.Read more

Scania creates the world’s first clock made of trucks

Tick, tock, truck. Scania has taken on the toughest challenge of them all – the race against time. A challenge that involved 14 trucks having to keep track of every second.Read more

Images: Scania clock

At a deserted airfield in the middle of nowhere, Scania set out to build a gigantic clock, entirely made out of trucks run by 90 highly skilled drivers.Read more

VIDEO: Scania clock

The clock took up 70,000 square meters and was over a kilometre in circumference with 17 meters between every second and minute mark and 85 meters between each hour.Read more

Scania at SMM 2016

Scania is using the SMM trade fair in Germany to showcase its wide range of sustainable and powerful solutions for marine applications.Read more

Images: Scania at SMM 2016

Images showing our wide range of sustainable and powerful solutions for marine applications.Read more

Scania’s robust trucks for peacekeeping missions

National defences and their procurement organisations are turning more and more of their interest towards adapted commercial off-road capable trucks and commercial engines, rather than purpose designed and very expensive equipment and components.Read more

Images: Scania at Eurosatory 2016

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Documents: Scania at Eurosatory 2016

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Scania demonstrates autonomous transport system

Scania has showcased self-driving trucks, in a unique demonstration with two collaborating vehicles. The technology will initially be used in, for example, mines and ports. Read more

Images: Autonomous Transport Systems 2016

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Documents: Autonomous Transport Systems

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Scania broadens its power generation range

Scania’s entire 9-, 13- and 16-litre power generation range is now US Tier 4f compliant. The company is also proud to announce a new, 16-litre V8 single-speed engine for biogas and natural gas.Read more

Images: Scania at Middle East Electricity 2016

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Documents: Scania at Middle East Electricity 2016

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Scania at Bauma 2016

Scania turns 125 this year and the company will be showing both the width and depth of it range at Bauma 2016.Read more

IMAGES: Scania at Bauma 2016

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Documents: Scania at Bauma 2016

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Scania at Busworld

The brand new Scania Interlink Low Decker, launched at Busworld Kortrijk 2015, introduces a new concept in the market, the first complete gas-fuelled bus for suburban operations which is equally attractive for shorter intercity travel. In short, it’s a bus for suburban operations, airport shuttle transfers, intercity journeys and school bus assignments all wrapped in one.Read more

Take control

Scania has launched a comprehensive range of products with alternative fuels and powertrains for Euro 6. The drive is a decisive step in the company’s long-term commitment to offering the widest range of sustainable transport solutions.Read more

Scania at inter airport

At its stand (E 80) at inter airport Europe 2015, Scania will be exhibiting vehicles, engines and systems for airport operation with a focus on factors such as flexibility, sustainability and excellent overall cost-efficiency.Read more

High power 2015

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Scania at UITP

Convenient and efficient passenger transport is key to solving both congestion and pollution problems in modern cities. An essential initial step is boosting the image of public transport, which can be achieved without delay using state-of-the-art bus technology and smart bus systems.Read more

Scania at Interschutz

At Interschutz, Scania is showing the breadth of its offering, including an example of a fire vehicle that is used at some of the world’s most remote stations.Read more

Scania at Intermat

If you know one Scania, you know them all. Thanks to Scania’s modular system, meeting emission regulations is no longer challenging.Read more

Scania Winter

Scania brings its flagship model, the V8 R 730 Topline, to Scania Winter in Trysil, Norway. Altogether a wide range of 17 vehicles will be available to test and drive.Read more