Second weekend at Scania

Second weekend at Scania

Even though this is my first input to this blog, I will not write about my first weekend at SSI. This is mainly because a significant amount of time has passed since then and memory is fragile. Instead, I thought it would be much more fun to tell you about this past weekend, the second at SSI, while the memory is still fresh.

After quite a long commute, a one and a half hour to be precise, I arrived at Scania where the first activity was an educational game with the purpose of displaying Scanias approach to Lean – Scania Production System, or SPS for short. The game was incredibly fun, interesting and gave everyone involved a solid understanding of how intricate and fascinating a production system can be.

After the game it was already time for lunch (time flies by really fast during these weekends at Scania), where I got to meet up and eat with the group leader for the division where I am going to work during the summer. After lunch and some obligatory coffee, he showed me around the offices where his team was sitting. It was really exciting to meet all of my future colleagues and to see what they were working on.

Afterwards, everyone in the Systems track had an activity together – to use a program similar to Simulink called BICT. It was specifically designed to allow for programming of vehicles without having to rewire everything. For instance, we programmed our truck to sound the horn when the brakes were pressed repeatedly and for the engine to shut off when the parking brake was active. Maybe not very practical examples, but of course it is possible to implement some desirable behaviour into the trucks as well. The main point is that the tool was incredibly easy to use, offers the customers a broad range of personal customization while limiting the production costs for Scania. A win-win for everybody!

Then it was time for the “secret activity”, there seems to be one planned for each weekend here at Scania. This time, we went to the docks at Södertälje where there was a huge facility for beach volleyball. There was sand there and everything! After a few intense hours of playing, it was time for dinner and then we went by bus to our hotel. Afterwards, some people went out to hit the town while others went straight to bed. I was really tired after an intense day so I decided to go to sleep.

The next day, I was well-rested, ready and excited. After a communication mishap, two lectures and a lunch, we had a really interesting case-solving event where we had to come up with a business model for how to use the data Scania collects from its trucks. Although my team didn’t win, I was really happy with the business model we devised and learned a lot devising it.

After presenting the model, the weekend was over. Like the previous weekend, it was an incredible experience. Not only did I learn a lot about Scania, I had a lot of fun while doing it. Barely a week has passed but I am already incredibly excited for the next one.


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