Second Weekend at Scania

Second Weekend at Scania

The second meeting was on 12th and 13th of May, it was a bit unfortunate since I was really looking forward to seeing KTH’s Quarnevalen that Saturday (they arrange it once every three years 🙁 and the weather was just perfect that day). As always Madde sent us an email with the start time and meeting place … and this time she said to bring some: “training clothes for a warm climate” … this is what happened that weekend:


This time the meeting place was: Mälardalens’ Technical Secondary school which we didn’t know where it was (thank you google maps!). Already at Södertälje station I found some of my SSI-mates 😀 , so we all took the bus and then walked to the school. Södertälje is like a mini Scania-town: everything around has the big Scania logo even the secondary school had one (hahaha). Someone told me that the school had another name before: Scania’s Technical Secondary School, which they later changed to the one they have now (see, it is really as coming to a new town! Hahaha).

Breakfast waited for us , everyone was nicely dressed because they were going to take pictures for our access cards after lunch. While having breakfast they told us we were having a game: SPS which stands for Scania Production System. The game was about having a mini company with departments and such, the client was ordering new products every 20 seconds which we then had to produce and deliver. Now comes the funny part: we were building the products (trucks) with LEGO bricks! (haha). It was a very interesting way of learning how the production in Scania is handled and how the different departments worked.

During lunch we met our bosses and mentors again, so I finally got to meet my boss! 😀 . He seemed like a really nice person and explained a little bit of the plans they had for me during summer. Sadly, he also told me that he was quitting his job as boss for my department 🙁 but he would introduce me to the new boss during summer (it is always a bit scary with a new boss, you have to introduce yourself again and then explain what you know, etc). My fiancé told me that he would also have a new boss (yep, he also got into the SSI-programme), so I was not the only one, hehe. When we got back from lunch, our hoodies were waiting for us :D, in the last meeting they told us that we would be getting official hoodies with the Scania logo and the SSI name in the back (probably forgot to tell you about that in the last post … sorry about that!). Everyone put their hoodies on right away, it was our very own uniform :D.

After both groups had their presentations (this time they split us into our specialisations for the Scania presentations, so mine was about Test Development 😉 ), we headed for the secret activity. Most of our mentors came with us in the bus, they did know about the activity but refused to give us a hint! When the bus arrived to the place, we saw a banner: “Beach Volleyball” (yep, we were playing volleyball in the sand … “warm climate”, you remember? … And I who had been thinking that we would be doing some kind of yoga thing hahaha). The place was really nice, it was like getting into a Hawaiian restaurant (if you know what I mean): the kind of furniture they had, the decorations … they even had real sand on the floor! I think it was what we all needed, even our mentors played, and we had a really good time.



After having breakfast at the hotel (yes, we will stay at Park Hotel after every Friday meeting), we went straight to Scania’s Transport Lab. While waiting for the person who would guide us, we took some pictures of the model truck that was in the hall and as always, the trucks’ wheels were bigger than me (hahaha, no worries, I’m starting to get used to that).


After that, we solved cases: the Mechanics’ group had a case about Plan of Verification, in which I heard they detonated something (wish I was there hahaha … if you wanna know more about it then check my SSI’s friend’s blog!). The System’s group (me, hehe) had a case about Scania Connected in which we were supposed to come up with a good new idea of how to “connect” the vehicles and functions etc, in such a way that it could benefit both Scania and the costumer. We had around 3 hours for finishing the task.

During the second hour Jessica (the one in charge of the System’s group) came and told us: “We have a surprise. We will give you some materials: papers, 2 coffee cups, 1 meter of tape and you have to build your idea … The best idea and presentation will win a special present, Good luck!” We were like: WHAT! hahaha. There were teams of 4 people each, and most of us did not know how we were supposed to express our idea (I think all teams ended up building a Scania truck, hahahaha). My team’s idea was to build an app for the Apple watch so that whenever the driver was assigned a truck and it scanned his finger, the truck would automatically adjust the seat, mirrors and other things to the specifications of that driver. In this way, he could just hop in and drive to his destination without loosing time in adjustments. It would also have a remote-stop feature, in case the truck was stolen.

My team’s car and watch (make notice of the Scania logo there)

It seemed like my team’s idea won the heart of the judges 😀 (we still think it was the paper-clock model haha) because we won!. The prize was: A Scania water bottle hahaha.

This group definitely had some skills

The other group had even done a road (why didn’t I think of that?)

This was, once again, a fun weekend which I enjoyed a lot! Gonna miss my weekends at Scania, though (this was the last one for the Spring term 🙁 ). Now, off home and get ready for summer job :D. I will be updating you with more posts soon!



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