SDG 6 – Clean water and sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

An efficient and clean transport system ensures access to water and sanitation. On the other hand, emissions from transport and producing industries can impact on water quality.

Scania’s production processes are not water-intensive, and water is primarily used in closed systems. Continuous improvement efforts are being made to reduce water use and thereby also improve the management of waste water. Scania reviews its production facilities to identify impact in areas with limited water resources.

Our workshop in Caxias do Sul in Brazil has been built with modern energy-saving technology, decreasing water consumption. For example, two closed circuit wastewater treatment facilities ensure purification and evaporation of water, which is subsequently reused. The workshop has also invested in solar heating for water used in wash basins and in washing ramps for parts and vehicles. Water with oil, grease and other contaminants passes through a new vacuum evaporator, which concentrates the harmful substances and generates clean water for reuse when cleaning  parts. The new evaporator can treat approximately 2,000 litres per day and water reuse totals 95 percent.