SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Smart transport systems go hand in hand with sustainable consumption and production. Moving from logistic systems filled with waste to smart, connected and sustainable logistics.

Scania’s reach extends to logistics expertise for the benefit of our customers and their customers. For the next five years, HAVI logistics, a global lead logistics provider for the food industry, is using Scania trucks and solutions in transport operations to and from McDonald’s restaurants in several European countries. In this partnership HAVI will switch about 70 percent of its total truck fleet in those countries to Scania new truck generation vehicles that run on alternative fuels, such as the gas and hybrid models. While delivering to the restaurants, special equipment on the trucks is used to collect waste for recycling, to further reduce their CO2 impact. By re-thinking their transport set-up, industries can realise efficiencies with significant benefits with regard to revenue, cost, efficiency and environmental impact. Carbon neutrality is not just a pipe dream.