Scania’s Top Team is more international than ever

Scania’s Top Team is more international than ever

More than 8,000 service technicians in 62 countries around the globe are taking part in Scania’s biannual Top Team initiative which aims to develop service skills in competition-like situations. This year, eight new markets have joined the list of participating countries.

Georgia, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Mexico and Myanmar are the eight new countries that this year will join Scania’s Top Team training programme.

World-class service

“Our goal is to offer a world-class service for our vehicles no matter where in the world our customers are,” says Christian Levin, Executive Vice President Commercial Operations, Scania. “As Top Team helps to improve the quality of service delivered to customers, it is with great satisfaction that I see an increase in the markets taking part.”

Scania R 730 6x6 heavy-haulage tractor (JP) GCW up to 250 tonnes on the road in Japan.

Scania R 730 6×6 heavy-haulage tractor (JP) GCW up to 250 tonnes on the road in Japan.

Hans Wising, Service and Parts Director at Scania in Japan, sees Top Team as a marketing tool for recruiting skilled service technicians.

From Asia to South America

“We’re taking part primarily to learn and to see how we compare to other markets,” Wising says. “We’re also interested in getting inspiration from other markets and to hone the skills of our staff.”

Finding skilled service technicians in Japan is hard, and according to Wising, “Top Team is a good way of showing how interesting and thrilling the profession really is.”

Service technician Denis Nemchenko in Kazakhstan.

Service technician Denis Nemchenko in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, Scania is this year arranging a light and local version of Top Team. László Szalai, Country Manager in Kazakhstan, plans to take a group of people from the country to watch the Russian national final.

“We want to learn more and prepare our staff better before we take part in the global Top Team competition,” he says.

Motivating service technicians

Silvio Souza, Services Director at Scania Mexico, says that the main challenge is to involve people in the competition.
“Eventually 68 people in 17 teams took part,” he says. “We were supported by our colleagues in Argentina and Brazil when organising the national final.”

Service workshop, Querpétaro, Mexico

Service workshop, Querpétaro, Mexico

Souza highlights the fact that Top Team helps to motivate the service technicians. Also it shows to customers that Scania values, recognises, promotes and further increases the service quality.