New generation tested for Australian conditions

New generation tested for Australian conditions

Before the 2018 introduction of the new generation trucks in Australia, Scania has comprehensively tested the vehicles in the demanding transport conditions they will be facing.

Globally, Scania’s new generation pre-production test vehicles covered more than 12.5 million km in all terrain and all climatic conditions prior to the European launch, coping with the frozen Arctic Circle in the depths of the northern winter and the blistering dry heat of the mountains of southern Spain. Leaving nothing to chance, Scania needs to make absolutely sure that they are equally well-adapted for the unique transport and climatic conditions of Australia.

“These vehicles, including a 58.5-tonne Scania R 620 with B-double semitrailer, are now on tests with selected operators, undertaking real-world driving duties in a range of applications across the country,” says Scania Australia’s Director of Sales, Martin Toomey.

Scania R 620 adapted for Australian conditions with a bull bar.

Record numbers of deliveries

The new truck generation arrives in Australia as Scania’s market momentum in the country is reaching an all-time high, with record numbers of deliveries of the existing P, G and R-series trucks. “Operators are drawn by Scania’s incredible reliability, durability, operating economy and of course, driver comfort and safety,” says Toomey.

The trucks have been tested in blistering dry heat.