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Scania Euro 6 – a solution for every application

Truck owners and operators across Europe are now preparing to buy their first Euro 6 compliant vehicles. Scania pioneered the introduction of Euro 6 trucks when it delivered the first models to the European market more than two years ago. The range is now complete and features 11 Euro 6 diesel engines, two biodiesel engines and two gas engines.

In today’s highly competitive commercial environment, each new truck acquisition is closely scrutinised and needs to be justified. Operators want to know what they can expect from a new truck and how it will affect their bottom line.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered together a range of Euro 6 insights and presented them from the perspective of owners and operators.

The following case studies are fictional composites, based on the actual experiences of real Scania customers.

  1. Composite case study – Timber truck in Sweden
  2. Composite case study – Construction truck in the UK
  3. Composite case study – Distribution truck in France