Next Generation Scania: Trucks in operation

Scania’s Black Amber stands out in any crowd

Black Amber by Svempas is a limited edition of 100 Scania V8 trucks for true fans of customisation.

Owning or driving a Scania V8 truck is not enough for many keen truck owners and drivers, who spend untiring devotion on personalising their vehicles. For some of these fans, Scania is producing another series of special V8-powered trucks, following up on the success of the limited edition “Dark Diamond” presented in 2009. Available with any of the Scania V8 outputs, the unique styling and added features have once again been developed in close collaboration with Svempas, the legendary Swedish styling and customising company.

“One hundred Scania fans now get the chance to buy something very special, based on the new Scania V8 truck range,” says Kristofer Hansén, head of Styling at Scania. “With Svempa and his customising team, we have produced a design that stands out in any crowd. Whether from the outside or inside, there is no doubting the special care and attention that has gone into this limited series of trucks.”

The Black Amber paintwork in dark brown metallic is inspired by amber – the hard, translucent yellowish-brown fossil resin, of which black amber is a rare dark variety. The paintwork features chrome detailing and badges and matte or high-gloss black graphic accents visible from every angle.

Special high quality materials abound in the interior, including additional features that enhance comfort and a range of thoughtful touches. Numerous Scania V8 and Griffin symbols will please the enthusiasts.

“Included in the deal, naturally, are traditional Scania V8 virtues like long-lasting performance, operating economy and durability,” Hansén says.

The vehicles in the limited Black Amber by Svempas series are each signed by Sven-Erik Bergendahl, ‘Svempa’, and are individually numbered from 1 to 100.

Black Amber – special features

• Black Amber metallic finish on cab and air deflectors
• Paintwork decorated with black carbon ‘flames’ with light amber outlines
• Front grille and front air scoops in Black Brilliant
• High-gloss Piano Black side and front mirrors, windshield panels, door hinge panels and emblem in front of door handles
• Visible chromed bolts for various external attachments
• Xenon spotlights in sunvisor set in Piano Black trims
• Black anodised boarding steps
• Aluminium wheels painted in Black Brilliant with chromium ring and nut caps

Exterior on tractor units
• Black Amber metallic finish on sideskirts and rear-mounted battery case
• Chromed step to catwalk
• Polished stainless steel exhaust tailpipe, bolted exhaust panel in metallic finish
• Catwalk painted in Black Brilliant
• Piano Black V8 panels on bar for trailer connections
• Brushed aluminium strip and V8 badges on sideskirts
• LED safety brake light at rear edge of top side air deflector
• Dual LED working lights
• Orange LED side marker lights on catwalk

• Black leather seats with carbon black centre sections and orange V8 symbols
• Black perforated leather steering wheel with Black Amber inserts
• Red LED safety light on door panel
• Black leather centre floor mat with Black Amber V8 trim strip
• Black Amber rear wall panel, signed and numbered
• Black bouclé driver and passenger floor mats with black borders

• Radio with DVD and navigation with pop-up monitor
• 22” LCD TV. Sound system: 6.5” speakers, active 8” subwoofer, 350 W peak music output
• Quadbox for controlling up to 4 cameras
• Rearview camera with long- and short-range lens system

Please note: Specifications may vary between markets.

Scania Black Amber Scania Black Amber Scania Black Amber