Scania Winter

Scania Winter

Scania brings its flagship model, the V8 R 730 Topline, to Scania Winter in Trysil, Norway. Altogether a wide range of 17 vehicles will be available to test and drive.

From the P 360 4×2, complete distribution truck with its very robust five-cylinder, 9-litre 360 hp engine, to a fully loaded 60-ton R 520 6×4 timber truck with the legendary 16.4-litre V8 Euro 6 engine, Scania will dominate the wintry roads around Trysil.

One of the main features will be the Scania Transport Laboratory, STL, one of its trucks with astonishing performance results. This Scania Euro 6 truck has almost 1.3 million kilometres on the clock.

Scania Watch

Scania is taking a lead in the wearable technology market with the release of the new Scania Watch. The device clearly demonstrates how companies can benefit from the trend to fuse fashion with technology.

“Wearables” is the term used for clothing and accessories that incorporate computers and other advanced electronic technologies. It’s a hot new trend, yet experts say many organisations are struggling to find ways to use it to add value to their goods and services.


To assist its driver trainers, Scania has developed an innovative tablet application that replicates all data from the instrument panel.

The new WICkit – Wireless Instrument Cluster – includes a durable tablet and a recently-developed device which wirelessly relays data from the control system and transfers information to the tablet.