Scania Urban Tipper: enhancing road safety in city centres

Scania Urban Tipper: enhancing road safety in city centres

In response to the challenge to reduce risk and afford greater protection to pedestrians and cyclists, Scania – the UK’s market-leading eight-wheel tipper supplier – has worked with its industry-partners and academic research bodies to develop a new standard for tippers operating within city centres.

Equipped with a lightweight body, the vehicle has been specified for applications where it is anticipated that 90–95 percent of the vehicle’s driving-time will be on the public highway.

Designated the Scania Urban Tipper, the vehicle encompasses a raft of safety-enhancing features:

Breaking away from the 8×4 norm, the 8×2*6 configuration provides a highly manoeuvrable chassis with three steering axles.

410 horsepower Euro 6 engine: Requiring only Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet the Euro 6 exhaust emissions standard, Scania’s 410 horsepower unit has broken fuel-efficiency records in independent trials conducted throughout Europe.

Scania Urban Tipper: enhancing road safety in city centres.

Fully-automated gear-selection: Two-pedal Scania Opticruise transmission enhances safety in operation by reducing stress and fatigue on the driver.

Full air-suspension: Enables the chassis height to be lowered when driving in urban areas, thereby also lowering the driver’s eyeline for better direct vision. Suspension can be raised to increase ground clearance when working on more demanding terrain.

Passenger vision door: Developed specifically for the UK market, the large glass panel provides the driver with a direct line-of-sight to the front nearside of the vehicle.

Active safety features: The Scania Urban Tipper features a range of proven safety features including Advanced Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning , Electronic Stability Program and a Camera Monitor System.