Scania truck goes on African expedition

Scania truck goes on African expedition

Italian TV adventure show chooses XT for transport

Italy’s popular Overland TV show has just set off on its 20th televised expedition. Driving a Scania XT 6×4 truck, this year’s adventure takes the team on a journey through Africa.

Italian TV viewers have enjoyed the show since 1996, following the team led by Beppe Tenti and his son Filippo throughout the world. Together, they have driven from Rome to New York by land through the Bering Strait, journeyed in strife-ridden Afghanistan and travelled from Cape Town to the North Cape, as well as many other trips that have captivated viewers for more than 150 episodes.

Reliable and robust XT for extreme conditions

The Overland adventurers recently took off from Verona for an eight-month trip that will cross Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia, before returning to Italy via Egypt: a journey of more than 45,000 km.

“We need a reliable and robust vehicle to accompany us on this new expedition,” says Beppe Tenti. “That’s why we set our sights on Scania and the new XT truck. It’s an extremely reliable vehicle that will be with us throughout the journey, an itinerary with deserts, savanna, swamps, forests, sand, dust, earth, searing heat and bitter cold. We will travel endless distances on roads that often don’t even exist. To face all this, we need a vehicle that is just as solid and robust as we are.”

Scania’s service network can assist too

Throughout the trip, Scania workshops is ready to support the team.

“I am certain that Overland will give us an opportunity to demonstrate the robustness of our vehicles in extreme conditions. But not only that; we are ready to show the great strength of Scania’s service network,” says Managing Director Franco Fenoglio, Italscania.


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