Scania Student Intro – what & why?

Scania Student Intro – what & why?

As mentioned, I am enrolled in a program here at Scania known as Scania Student Intro (SSI). This program has specially been developed in hope to introduce students who are about to begin their working careers, to practical experience and a way to build a network of relevant contacts at Scania.

I applied to SSI in November 2014 after some considerations regarding what I would want for myself in the future, both summer job, for my master thesis and a path after graduation from KTH. (note: I will post a more detailed application post when the application date for SSI 2016 is nearing) I was introduced to SSI for the first time during a lunch seminar at KTH, where Scania mainly promoted SSI and their summer job opportunities for those in year 2 and up. In order to be applicable for SSI you have to be a fourth year student, however Scania does have several opportunities for younger students too, so I strongly suggest you to check out their career site in time and apply to what appeals you the best.

I saw SSI as a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Scania but mostly, more about me and my personal preferences when considering my future career. As graduation is nearing, I regularly get the question “So, what do you want to work with when you are done at KTH next year?” Well honestly, how on earth should I know? I have been surrounded by the walls of the M corridor and gone from lecture hall to lecture hall for 4 years, been throat deep in (sometimes very questionable) school projects and my head buried in some of the thickest books I have ever seen. I have done my best to attend seminars with different companies, visited the career fairs, and to get a feeling of which subject or course has appealed me the most, but without actual experience from the real, outside world I can not answer that question with even the slightest certainty. However, I do know that variety and international possibilities are top of my list when consider a career and/or company.

After finally getting the acceptance for my enrollment in SSI, my journey at Scania could slowly begin. The SSI program consists of 4 all inclusive weekends (fri-sat) at Scania with the rest of the SSI participants, 2 in the spring and 2 in the fall, a summer job, a master’s thesis and a mentor. During the weekends you have seminars, cases, team building activities, different visits at Scania’s many facilities and of course heaps of fun with your fellow SSI colleagues. These weekends are completely designed for us students so that we can absorb as much information, knowledge, experience and contacts as possible. This is what makes SSI unique, as there is no other company I know of that can offer you this AND a summer job AND a master thesis. You can definitely tell that Scania has put major resources into the SSI program, and I am very grateful for it. I am not even halfway through, and I have already learned more than I could imagine. The possibility to discuss your future, ideas for master thesis, book meetings with project managers from all different areas in hope to lighten a not yet lit flame in you is priceless. I have received so many tips, insights of a how work at Scania can look like and what others have in mind for their future and what they think of everything concerning their futures and careers.

I do not for a second regret applying to SSI, even though it at that time seemed somewhat frightening to “lock” myself to Scania for the rest of my time at KTH. I have only gained by enrolling and again, I can not emphasize enough how much it really helps to talk to and ask more experienced people about their paths and thoughts. And that is what SSI really can offer you. Insight. Experience. Knowledge. Communication. Enlightenment.

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