Scania South Korea launches Euro 6 with a quiz

Scania South Korea launches Euro 6 with a quiz

How far can a Euro 6 Scania G 410 travel on 150 litres of diesel? That was the challenge when Scania’s Euro 6 vehicles recently were launched in South Korea. The prize for the best guess – a brand new Volkswagen Golf.

In April, South Korea launched the Euro 6 with an event to highlight fuel efficiency. “Each brand claims that its truck is the most fuel efficient and the claim is therefore difficult to prove to customers. That’s why we planned this event,” says Hyun-Sun Gil at Scania Korea.

The four finalists

The four finalists with Scania Korea’s Managing Director, Kaj Farm. The winner Yunku Lee stands to the right.

A total of 2,600 participants signed up for the quiz that would earn them the attractive car. On the day of the actual event, a Scania customer drove the truck from the southern city of Incheon returning via Yangsan to determine the answer. The journey was filmed and broadcasted on one of South Korea’s automotive television shows. The correct answer? 579.8 kilometres on one tank.


Since no contestant reached the exact amount, the four closest participants were invited to the launching show where they each chose a remote control. YunKu Lee was lucky enough to select the winning control and could drive off in a VW Golf. Congratulations!