Scania shows customers how to improve the fuel efficiency

Scania shows customers how to improve the fuel efficiency

Good driver training, fully loaded trailers and properly adjusted tractor units. Scania used the Scania Winter test event in Norway to show customers and international media how to improve the fuel efficiency. 

The Scania Transportlaboratorium provides sometimes astonishing results and figures that play an important role in Scania’s extensive Research and Development. And there was great interest in the vehicle at Scania Winter 2015.

“Since we started our operations we´ve provided 250 presentations for customers, media and other stakeholders from more than 30 countries,” says Cem Kizilkaya, Vehicle Manager for Scania Transportlaboratorium. “And here in Trysil we’ve had the perfect opportunity to tell people from all over Europe what we are doing and the goals we have reached.

When the customers and media left the test event they were loaded with new information about  what tailor-made trucks, with trained drivers and the right maintenance are capable of delivering in terms of fuel efficiency, uptime and Total Operating Economy.

“Most of our visitors are interested in how we save so much fuel and how drivers can achieve good fuel economy. There´s also great interest in how we are able to drive with the same set of tyres for 400,000 kilometers,” says Cem Kizilkaya.