Scania Purchasing, first rotation and Ignite Sweden

Scania Purchasing, first rotation and Ignite Sweden

Hello again!

This time I will describe the purchasing organisation and several different departments within it, among others the one I belong to as well as a very exciting conference called Sweden Ignite!


Since my last post I’ve been working in my home department at Scania Purchasing. The purchasing organisation has several different tasks, perhaps the most well-known task is the responsibility of making sure that all the materials needed to manufacture trucks and busses are bought and delivered to Scania on time. Within that scope the department must also do its best to optimize cost without forfeiting the great quality that the company is know for. Working with suppliers through negotiations and collaborations is part of a purchasers every day work and this aspect, which very much revolves around handling different kinds of people, was a major reason for me when applying for the traniee programme within purchasing.

My Group

However, there are many other roles within the department that do not concern plastics, metals and electronics used to build chassis, cabs, engines and complete vehicles. One example of this is logistics services that are crucial for moving material, parts and products between the different warehouses and factories that Scania has around the world. Another example is the group that I belong to, this group takes care of all geographical areas that Scania’s commercial system covers. We analyse different markets, focusing on purchasing, to help the local purchasers in each country supply their workshops, distributors and sales offices with the necessary items to repair vehicles and meet customers. The closeness to the customers is what sets my department apart from the other purchasing departments. My projects concern workwear (clothing that workshop mechanics, receptionists etc. wear) in Asia, office supplies and security services such as guards and cameras. By analyzing the markets we can optimize costs by finding contracts that several countries can use that allows us to negotiate with larges volumes, which is a key aspect when working with purchasing.

Ignite Sweden

Within commercial purchasing Scania has several groups, except for my group there is for instance one that focuses on connected services. Last monday I got to tag along with that group when they attended a conference called Ignite Sweden. The purpose of the conference was to build bridges between industry giants such and start-up companies. This is because there are many start-ups that focus on digitalization, connectivity, machine learning, A.I. etc. which is exactly what the large corporations want to work on for the future. From the corporate side actors like Business Sweden, Saab, ABB and L’oréal attended as well as several companies from the Volkswagen Group such as Volkswagen, Audi, Porche and most importantly; Scania. The day consisted of several interesting lectures and cases as well as lunch, dinner and partying.

Ignite Sweden

Have a good one! /Filip


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