Scania at a Glance

Scania promotes solutions for customers at IAA 2012

Scania promotes many solutions for customers at the IAA 2012, including Euro 6 engines, off-road trucks and fleet management apps.


Scania’s solutions for customers start with the hardware. Examples of Scania’s new versatile engine lineup for Euro 6 are on display at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition, featuring outputs from 250 up to 480 hp.

Scania at IAA

Scania at IAA

The four 9-litre Euro 6 diesel engines feature either EGR/SCR (250 and 280 hp) or only SCR technology (320 and 360 hp). The 13-litre 440 and 480 hp engines are equipped with combined EGR/SCR technology.

Euro 6 gas-powered engines

Two new Euro 6 gas-powered engines break the ground for new applications with high torque ratings and diesel-like performance.

Scania 9-litre gas engine 280 and 340 hp Euro 6.

Scania 9-litre gas engine 280 and 340 hp Euro 6.

Scania’s inline engines for trucks are also used for Scania buses and coaches – including the alternative fuel options biogas, natural gas and ethanol, and the new Euro 6 range. Installations are either longitudinal or transverse, the latter in the Scania Citywide low-floor city bus.

There is also a Scania OmniExpress 3.20 Euro 6 specified for the German market on the stand. Two coaches are displayed outdoors: a Scania Touring and a Scania OmniExpress 3.60.

Important with fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is the main concern for many ope-rators today. Fuel optimisation measures are therefore prominent on the stand, as well as examples of trans-port solutions in many applications.

Fleet Management app

Fleet Management app

Drivers and operators benefit from a wide range of Scania-developed support systems, complemented by the first Scania apps for smartphones and tablet PCs.

Off-road trucks

The Scania Off-road trucks launched in 2011 are shown for the first time at an international exhibition, represented by a tipper that is part of Scania’s rental offer in Germany.

These new off-road trucks are purpose-designed to cope with the toughest conditions encountered in the industry. The new frontal styling stands out from the crowd, but is utterly functional, encompassing robust solutions to protect vulnerable components, thus re-ducing repair costs and avoiding unprofitable down-time. They have numerous other new features, for example enhanced mobility, gearchanging adapted for construction driving and a new version of the Scania Retarder that is extra powerful at low speed.

Scania is introducing a new audio system with optional navigation, a Bluetooth phone connection, AUX, USB and a memory card socket.