Scania offers eighteen Euro 6 engines

Scania offers eighteen Euro 6 engines

The transition to the Euro 6 emission class in Europe has occupied the heavy vehicle industry for a number of years. OEM’s have sweated to meet the tough require­ments; customers have feared that the more advanced technology would lead to higher fuel consumption, among other things.

But today we have the answers – Scania was the first (in 2011) manufacturer able to supply Euro 6 engines to customers and Scania is already on its second generation Euro 6 engines. And not only that, the total number of different Euro 6 class engines Scania now offers customers is no less than 18, for everything from diesel to gas or biodiesel operation with  power outputs from 250 to 730 horsepower. And consump­tion has actually been reduced instead of increased.

Scania G 410 6x2 tractor

Scania G 410 6×2 tractor

Being able to offer an engine range with 18 units – meeting the deadline for the new legislation coming into force – is unique to Scania. Behind this achievement is both hard work and considerable investment of 10 billion SEK in development, testing and certifications.

Not least is the fact that seven of the engines are designed for alternative fuels, which is remarkable at a time when other manufacturers are still struggling to get a decent line-up of conventional diesels. The latest addition is Scania’s 16-litre V8 with 580 horsepower and suited for up to 100 percent biodiesel operation.

In the end, of course, it’s about who offers the most to benefit their customers. The ability to always be able to choose the right engine and right fuel according to their driving conditions and needs is something that all customers appreciate.