Scania launches meals on wheels

Scania launches meals on wheels

The Scania S-series, which has been crowned Truck of the Year 2017, introduces a more spacious cab than ever with a flat floor. But Scania is now examining how this roomier cab can be gainfully used in new applications. The first of these is the Limited Cuisine Edition, whereby the cab has been fitted with purpose-built cooking utilities.

“Although many drivers are content with the microwave, we’ve been well aware for some time that more discerning drivers require a higher level of cookery,” says Marcus Simmer, Head of Special Cab Design at Scania. “We can now offer them an attractive alternative.”

Scania Chefline.

Drivers that spend nights in cabs often feel that the limited and monotonous fast food selection at roadside stops is nutritionally and aesthetically unsatisfactory. “There are many gifted cooks among drivers that are frustrated by the inadequate cooking opportunities that they have when they are on the road.”

The truck has been specially equipped with a small state-of-the-art electric cooker with induction hob and a vertical chimney hood with an exterior exhaust. A separate storage cupboard has been added for cooking utensils. “Although this is our largest cab, it’s been challenging to fit in the extra equipment without compromising comfort and safety features,” says Simmer.

Scania called on renowned Swedish chef, Jimmie Hensson, to provide expertise in designing the equipment. “We’re not striving for fine dining but there should be adequate facilities for making a tasty and wholesome meal,” he says. “I’m passionate about food and thrilled by the idea that Scania has realised the needs of this overlooked group.”

Extensive field trials in the French region of Alsace – home to many Michelin-starred restaurants – have confirmed that enough owners and drivers are prepared to pay a little extra for cooking facilities. “I can easily recoup the added cost in lower restaurant bills,” says French driver Antoine Sauté of the haulage firm Poisson D’avril. “Although space is limited, I’ve no problems at all in preparing tasty dishes. And the best thing is that I’ve won new friends; cooking for one is never fun and fellow truckers have been enthusiastic when I have invited them to dine with me.”

The Limited Cuisine Edition, which has already been dubbed the ‘Scania Chefline’, is initially being marketed in Europe, but Scania is also examining the possibility of introducing the concept to the Asian market, where drivers will soon be able to wok and roll.