“Scania is healthier than ever”

“Scania is healthier than ever”

IAA 2014, Hanover: Scania stands stronger and healthier than ever as the leader in sustainable transport. That was President and CEO Martin Lundstedt’s key message as hundreds gathered for the IAA press conference. “We’ve had a successful launch of Euro 6, we have the broadest range of renewable fuels, we’re refining our application thinking by the use of our modular system and we’re building a service offering based on connectivity that has never been heard of in this industry,” Martin Lundstedt stated. “We have the platform for growth.”

Executive Vice President Henrik Henriksson underlined that trucks and buses, for Scania, are production equipment – there to make money and create efficiency in the transport flow. “That means that when we meet customers, we focus on obtaining the best total operating economy. Our goal at Scania is ultimately to make our customers more profitable.”

Third Euro 6 generation

He particularly highlighted the Scania R 450 SCR, which was displayed at IAA. “This isn’t our first, not our second but the third generation of Euro 6 drivelines that Scania launches.” He reminded participants that Scania, when launching the Streamline in 2013, promised up to 8 percent fuel savings. With this new truck, Scania has added another 3 percent. “That’s significant because it directly benefits the customer’s bottom line and puts Scania at the top of the league,” Henriksson said.

Henrik Henriksson pointed out that Scania also has the broadest range of engines operating on renewable fuels. “These are choices for customers that really wish to become carbon neutral. If we are serious about achieving the 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions between 1990 and 2050, that the European Commission has indicated, we need to address technology, renewable fuels but also services, training, maintenance and communication between people in the value chain, Martin Lundstedt added.

Connectivity for new services

Martin Lundstedt pointed out the rapid development of connected Scania vehicles, soon approaching 100,000. “Connectively is the base for developing a host of new services that build trust with customers. Internet of things is here and now, and our customers are using it.”

In closing, Martin Lundstedt said that he meets hundreds of customers every year and they all have one thing in common. The message is to “be close, be horizontal, have fun together, be pleased but never satisfied. That’s Scania.”