Scania Internship Production

Scania Internship Production

The Scania Internship Production is an initiative run in cooperation with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Linköping University and is aimed at students studying for a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in Engineering in Sweden.

Application period 7 January – 17 February

If you see a future for yourself within production, Scania Internship Production offers you the chance to gain useful knowledge for the future and to develop personally.

You will, of course, receive a salary during the period of the internship. If you are studying at KTH or Linköping University, you can also have the internship counted as a college course equivalent to six credits.

During the first year of the internship, you lay the foundations and get an understanding what it is like to work in production. You then have the opportunity to deepen your production knowledge by applying to the programme the following year as long as you are still a student.

Contents and structure

Scania Internship Production is conducted over six weeks over the summer, with breaks for the normal industrial holidays.

You will undertake a five-week internship interspersed with lectures, study visits and a one-week final project. You will work as an intern assembler or operator within either Assembly, Processing or Production Maintenance at Scania or Scania Industrial Maintenance in Södertälje. You will also deepen your knowledge of the Scania Production System, production technology and how to lead and drive improvement work.

Program structure

Scania Internship Production program structure
•• Practical workshop experience and a mix of lectures and seminars:

  • Scania Production System
  • Managing and working with continuous improvements in the processes
  • Production technology
  • Production maintenance

•• Summer holiday

•• Project assignment – Based on your internship experience



Assembly involves putting together components and vehicles. It suits those who enjoy work assignments requiring thoroughness, precision and team work. The work takes place in a dynamic environment at a fast pace. Understanding assembly is important for understanding the bigger picture.


If you undertake an internship in Processing, you will work with machine operators producing transmission or motor components. You will be able to follow a product from the raw materials through to finished component, and your duties will include rigging new products, managing quality, daily planning and production technology work.

Production Maintenance

If you chose to do your internship in Production Maintenance, you’ll be part of a team that services and repairs the machines in our workshops. You will undertake your workshop internship at Scania Industrial Maintenance.


The Scania Internship Production programme is aimed at those planning on graduating with a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Science in Engineering and who see their futures within production. You should be committed, communicative and enjoy challenges. You should be interested in our industry, but above all enjoy technology and the implementation of technology. Scania Internship Production is aimed primarily at students at an early stage of their education. Being in a course that focuses on production is an advantage.

Your application should include these attachments:

  • A cover letter
  • Your CV
  • Your academic transcript
  • Your upper secondary school grades

Note! Attachments are mandatory. Links are not accepted.

In the application form, you have the opportunity to choose the area that is of most interests to you. Mark either Processing or Assembly. If you’re unsure, mark the alternative: Scania Decides.

Application process

Scania Internship Production application process.

•• Application period, week 1 – 7 (7 January – 17 February)

•• Selection process at Scania

•• Interviews, week 12 – 13

•• Selection process at Scania

•• Final selection done week 15

•• Programme starts week 24


At Scania, students are provided with an excellent opportunity to put their theories into practice and gain insights into Scania’s operations.Read more
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