Scania in Kungsträdgården

Scania in Kungsträdgården

Many of you may think that working as a developer is a combination of camping by your desk and occasionally fetch some coffee. But a workday is usually so much more. From the start you play a big role of deciding how your team will implement new features, how you are suppose to work, and last but not least, the social interaction that is required of you to keep your team a TEAM. But that’s not all…

There are always things outside your typical work by the computer, and often you are expected to attend these things. The seven days that has passed between this and my previous post contain a perfect examples of these things.

Last Friday we held a recruitment event in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, Sweden. This was a chance for us at IT to meet people outside of Scania and talk about what we do, as developers at one of the most well known truck companies in the world. Often people in, and outside, of the IT-sphere have limited knowledge of just how much software development that takes place at Scania, and this is something this event was meant to address. We had a bunch of visitors and performed speed date interviews, and managed to not just spread the word of IT at Scania, but also several applications for positions as developers at Scania!


Next week the topic will be competence development, be sure to read it!



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