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Scania helps Moscow Metro expand

Finding the right solution to Moscow’s transportation problem has become a nationwide project. City authorities are planning to finish building 150 kilometres of new metro lines before 2020, and Scania tippers are there to help.

The purpose of any metro system is to reduce vehicle traffic on roads, but the metro in Moscow, Russia, today is already overloaded. Construction of new lines, a total of 150 kilometres, is the only solution to relieving the overburdened systems. One of the first and most complex steps towards this goal is building the Third Interchange Contour, a rapid transit line that will support the current Ring Line.

Engeocom BCC is the general contractor engaged in construction.

Highly reliable equipment and machinery required

Scania helps Moscow Metro expand

Working hard in the tunnel

“To deliver the results on time and with precision, we need highly reliable equipment and machinery. We pay most attention to our production standards and occupational safety,” says Otari Alexandrovich Geperidze, Engeocom’s First Deputy Director.

Over the years, Engecom has worked with almost every vehicle manufacturer in existence. For this project an extensive search of the market was made before the construction company decided on  Scania tippers. Reliable service was Engeocom’s main reason of choosing Scania.

“We chose Scania for their service personnel,” says Shota Davidovich Kaladze, Director General of ManStroy, the subsidiary of Engeocom responsible for soil removal, loading and transportation to disposal sites.  

“At the initial stage of our negotiations  they promised they could find the solutions we needed, and they did everything just like they promised, right on time. For us, professionalism comes first.”

Scania helps Moscow Metro expand

150 kilometres to be built