Scania helps increase mobility in Jakarta

Scania helps increase mobility in Jakarta

The gridlocked traffic situation in Jakarta, with its population of 10 million, is often considered one of world’s worst. Convincing more commuters to switch to buses is therefore crucial and also the stated aim of the authorities.

The bus system, Transjakarta, has been gradually expanded since 2004 and at present encompasses 12 corridors that daily carry approximately 350,000 passengers.

During 2015, the first of more than 100 Scania Euro 6 gas buses were introduced on the prestigious downtown No 1 bus system corridor that passes by the national monument Monas. Because of their better comfort, these buses have immediately become so popular that passengers are prepared to actually let other buses go by to wait for the Scania bus.

Extensive tests

Before ordering the buses, Transjakarta tested the 18-metre articulated Scania bus along the Number 1 BRT corridor. Following 8,000 kilometres of operations, Transjakarta decided to place the significant order for its fleet.

Scania and its distributor United Tractors have organised their own service management facilities near Transjakarta’s head office and service to ensure maximum uptime for the buses.