Scania´s customers come first

Scania Germany has delivered its 1,000th Euro 6 truck

A German logistics company has taken delivery of an historic R 440.

JVG Autologistik GmbH, a Euskirchen-based company that provides logistical support to the automotive trade and leasing companies across Europe, took delivery of the vehicle from dealer Scania Kerpen in July. The truck was a Scania R 440 Euro 6 equipped with Scania Opticruise and Scania Active Prediction, an advanced cruise control system.

Euro 6 experience

Michael Jost, Managing Director of JVG Autologistik, says staff members are pleased to be on the receiving end of this truck. “This is one of five new Scania R 440 Euro 6 trucks that we are bringing into operation in July,” he says. “In September, we’ll be getting three more.”

Jost says, as a future-oriented business, it was important for JVG to use trucks featuring the most advanced emission control system. “We decided on Scania because, among other things, the company has the most experience with Euro 6 engines. Scania also offered the best all round specification package in terms of ease of Euro 6 engine implementation, ground clearance and the dimensions of the exhaust system for our car transporter. The advice of our Scania sales representative, Edmund Zock, was very good and together we have found an excellent solution.”

Driver appeal

The decision to go with Scania didn’t just come down to product and specifications.

Fleet manager André Pieper says: “Our experience with Scania Kerpen’s workshop has been entirely positive and the King of the Road’s reputation with drivers – and its comfort – mean it’s in great demand. We’ve made these quality R 440 vehicles available to our dedicated drivers and hopefully this will reduce the stress in their working days.”

Customers know that behind the Scania logo lies a great deal of Euro 6 experience.

In March 2011, Scania was the first manufacturer to put trucks with Euro 6 engines on the road and it now has more than two years’ experience with this modern technology.

Awarded technology

Back then, forward-looking transportation companies were given the opportunity to invest early in the cleanest of currently available emission technology. By employing a wide variety of innovative technical solutions, emissions can be significantly reduced. Nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions are reduced by about 80 percent compared with the current Euro 5 standard.

Helmut Süring, Branch Manager of Scania Kerpen, says: “Our customers are already enjoying the benefits of the second generation of Scania Euro 6 engines. Euro 6 versions of Scania’s 250 hp to 580 hp engines are already available and being used. They’re mainly being used in long-haul trucks, but also for other transport applications. Additionally, Scania is the only manufacturer to offer V8 Euro 6 trucks.”

Scania’s Euro 6 exhaust aftertreatment system was recently awarded the Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize for outstanding research in vehicle engineering.