Scania Engineer Program

Scania Engineer Program

The Scania Engineer Program is an introductory programme, offering engineering graduates a thorough introduction to Scania’s operations and corporate culture. The aim is to lay the foundations for a career as a specialist in production, logistics, mechanical design or systems development.

Application period 2019: 28 January – 24 February, more information below.

SEP-13417-059The program gives you a comprehensive view of how the various functions interact and is a great launchpad for future positions thanks to the network of contacts and specific Scania knowledge you gain. The Scania Engineer Program is technology-oriented with a practical focus and gives you, as an engineer, the opportunity to be involved in developing the cutting-edge technology required to achieve Scania’s goal: to become the leader in sustainable transport.

The Scania Engineer Program takes place in Sweden and will be held in Swedish.

Contents and structure

The programme begins with a number of common introductory activities for all participants in the programme and includes four to five different internship periods.

From the very first day, you will be an employee assigned to a department based on your specialisation and you will get a manager who you will have contact with throughout the program. For each internship, you are assigned a supervisor to support you during that period.

The goal of the engineer internship is to gain a good overall view of the activities of the functions and how they are linked. This means that the tasks are of an exploratory and practical nature and you will be involved in ongoing projects and the regular work of the function. The programme is flexible, so you can decide together with your manager the precise content of the internships.

During your final internship, you will discuss with your manager the transition to your first position.

Program structure

Production technology

Scania Engineer Program-Production_Timeline_1_v1

•• 1. Introduction – Teambuilding and introduction courses •• 2. Internship – Workshop practice •• 3. Internship – Own department •• 4. Theory – Block 1 •• 5. Internship – R&D department •• 6. Theory – Block 2 •• 7. Internship – Neighbouring department and SPS Office •• 9. Ending of the program – Evaluation

Mechanical engineering

Scania Engineer Program-Mechanic-Timeline_2_v1

•• 1. Introduction – Teambuilding and introduction courses •• 2. Theory – Block 1 •• 3. Internship – Own department •• 4. Theory – Block 2 •• 5. Internship – Neighbouring department•• 6. Internship –  P&L department and assemby•• 7. Theory – Block 3 •• 8. Internship – Customer or supplier department •• 9. Theory – Block 4 •• 10. Ending of the program – Evaluation

System development

Scania Engineer Program-System_Timeline_3_v1

•• 1. Introduction – Teambuilding and introduction courses •• 2. Theory – Block 1 •• 3. Internship – Own department •• 4. Theory – Block 2 •• 5. Internship – Own department •• 6. Theory – Block 3 •• 7. Internship Neighbouring department •• 8. Internship –  P&L department and assemby  •• 9. Internship – Customer or supplier department •• 10. Theory – Block 4 •• 11. Ending of the program – Evaluation


Scania Engineer Program has three different specialisations:

  • Production and Logistics– production technology
  • Research and Development– mechanical engineering
  • Research and Development – system development

The production aspect focuses on Scania’s production units in Luleå, Oskarshamn or Södertälje and you can decide which location you are interested in when you apply. The other two focus areas mean you will be based at one of the Research and Development departments in Södertälje.

Whatever your focus, there are huge development opportunities for engineers at Scania. As a specialist, you can enhance your skills by following an established career development path consisting of several stages. It is also possible to develop cross-functionally within the area.



The Scania Engineer Program is suitable for people who want to work close to technology and would like to delve deeper to solve problems. In order to apply, you must be a recent graduate with a BSc or MSc in engineering. You must be fluent in written and spoken Swedish and English, hold a category B driving licence (only required for focus on Research and Development) and have a maximum of one year’s work experience. The program will rapidly provide you with experience and is an excellent introduction to your future career as a specialist in Production or Research and Development.

During the selection process, we look at a combination of your experience, interests, personal qualities and formal education/qualifications. As part of the process, we also use web-based tests. We are looking for someone who is a team player, likes delving into the details and has a keen interest in technology.

Application process

•• Application period 2019: week 5 – 8 (28 January – 24 February)

•• Web based tests, week 9

•• Selection process at Scania

•• Interview 1, week 10 – 11

•• Selection process at Scania

•• Interview 2, week 12

•• Final selection done, week 13

•• Programme starts, week 34

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Working as a engineer

As an engineer at Scania you can work with a variety of tasks to make our products even better and safer. Examples of this can be automatic driving systems and braking systems.