Scania demonstrates the strength of biomethane

Scania demonstrates the strength of biomethane

Lower costs, less pollution as well as noise reduction. Since being taken into service in Brazil,  Scania’s Citywide bus has clearly shown the advantages of biomethane.

The Scania Citywide Euro 6 bus is currently touring Brazil to demonstrate the vast benefits of biomethane as an alternative fuel.

“It’s a very favourable option financially,” says Silvio Munhoz, Bus Sales Director at Scania in Brazil.

The biomethane cost per kilometre is 56 percent lower than the diesel cost. Furthermore, the biomethane bus has lead to a 70-percent reduction in emissions and reduced the noise level.

“These reductions are highly appreciated by people,” says Silvio Munhoz who expects more orders for biomethane buses by the end of the year.

The 15-metre Scania Citywide has two articulated steering axels and the capacity of carrying 120 passengers. Before arriving in Brazil, the bus showed its strength in both Mexico and Colombia.