Autonomous transport systems

Press kit: Scania demonstrates autonomous transport system

Scania has showcased self-driving trucks, in a unique demonstration with two collaborating vehicles. The technology will initially be used in, for example, mines and ports. 

In cooperation with leading technology suppliers and academic institutions – with additional support from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, Scania has developed self-driving trucks, which without driver intervention can operate in closed-off environments and will eventually be seen on public roads and motorways.

“Self-driving trucks are one of the many pieces of the puzzle that Scania is developing on the road towards safe, sustainable and fossil-free transport solutions,” says Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson. “Having vehicles that either partially or completely drive themselves increases both safety and productivity. And an automated truck never drives too fast or aggressively and seldom needs to rest, which of course increases availability.”

With their in-built intelligence, the trucks have the ability to interpret and adapt to their surroundings and carry out pre-determined tasks. The autonomous vehicles are already performing impeccably in testing, although it will be a few years before the technology is ready to be sold commercially.

Autonomous transport systems are a key example of how Scania is meeting the challenge of becoming a leading global player in sustainable transport solutions. Reaching this goal requires a combination of offering a wide range of different products and services, and working together with other organisations.

Scania offers a wider range than any other manufacturer of products and services that are aimed at reducing carbon-dioxide output from heavy vehicle transport. Under the framework of the Euro 6 regulations, Scania is producing engines for alternative fuels such as gas, bioethanol, and biodiesel. In addition, all of Scania’s Euro 6 and Euro 5 truck engines are approved to run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), which can provide a drop in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 90 percent.


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