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Scania – dedicated all the way

Scania’s policy is always to provide comprehensive service support for its customers along with vehicles. Scania’s service portfolio now comprises some 30 different services – some with a long tradition, some quite new, some available in most markets, some based on local initiatives and best practice that are spreading to other markets. The standard of Scania’s services is upheld via a set of promises that secure full commitment towards customers.

“Scania’s service offer is designed to enable our customers to concentrate on their core business, while we ensure the best possible care for their vehicles and drivers – that’s what we mean by one-stop shopping!” says Urban Erdtman, Group Vice President Sales and Services Management. “Scania is continuously investing in the geographical coverage and technical competence of its sales and service network. Wherever they are, our customers shall be able to turn to dedicated professionals to keep their transport business in top shape.”

The range of services and the packaging differs between markets, but their modularity makes for compatibility across borders.

Driver training

Driver training and driver information have a long tradition at Scania – 20 years or more in mature markets. The objective is to familiarise drivers with all the important product features and support them to get the best out of their vehicles.

Scania Driver Training

Scania Driver Training

Driver training typically results in a fuel saving of 10% on average initially, and with regular training this level can be maintained over time.

Some 5500 drivers in Europe attended Scania driver training during 2007. Courses are adapted to local conditions and in many cases form part of national training schemes for professional drivers. In some countries, Scania joins with truck safety experts in organising dedicated safe driving courses, for example in Germany.

Legally required driver training

Important recent additions are courses for truck and bus drivers designed to conform to the EU directive on driver training, thus enabling drivers to update their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). The directive applies to bus drivers from 10 September 2008 and to truck drivers from 10 September 2009.

These courses are already established and highly appreciated in EU markets, having been available for some time to truck as well as bus drivers.

Scania’s long-standing efforts to promote driver competence and boost driver status have grown into a global affair. Scania driver competitions are held on five continents with close to 50,000 participants. In 2009 the next round of Young European Truck Driver will be held all over the European continent. Some countries are also running special events for bus and coach drivers.

Financing and insurance

Demand is growing rapidly in this sector and these products are much appreciated in emerging markets as well. Financing is currently offered in 34 countries in Europe and the solutions include financing, leasing, hire-purchase and insurance. Scania’s experts are fully familiar with the truck and bus business. Hence customer needs are assessed on an individual basis taking into account financial and operational stability, reputation and relationships with Scania.

Scania Rental

Long- and short-term schemes are included in Scania’s rental portfolio. The composition of the rental fleets varies depending on market conditions, but in most cases includes international and regional tractor units and rigids with box bodies.

In Germany and Austria Scania is pioneering a system of long- and short-term rental semitrailers to be able to provide customers with complete tractor-semitrailer combinations.

Scania Assistance

Various roadside assistance schemes have been in operation in mature markets for at least 25 years and since the early 1990s on a closely coordinated international level. Scania drivers in distress have access to free-of-charge round-the-clock support in their own language if required, as well as prompt roadside assistance from Scania’s closely-knit local service network. The average time to get the vehicle back on the road has dropped from 10.5 hours in 1999 to 6 hours today.

Scania Assistance

Scania Assistance

Workshop services

Scania has one of the tightest-knit and most proficient service networks in the business. Around 1000 workshops are spread out to cover all parts of the European continent, and some 500 additional workshops cover the rest of the world.

The network is continually upgraded and extended to cover new markets and regions where Scania customers operate. Workshop standards are maintained and improved via a set of promises that provide a commitment from Scania towards its customers. These promises include staff training, which is much facilitated by Scania’s modular product system.

Scania dealership, service workshop

Scania dealership, service workshop

Workshop services are of course tightly linked to the roadside assistance and parts activities to provide seamless support and maximum uptime. In many countries distributors also undertake specialised services to provide one-stop shopping for maximum convenience, taking care of trailer and bodywork, air conditioning, glass repairs and tachographs, for example.

The workshops are also outlets for Scania Oil (see below), Scania Accessories and Service Exchange parts, and in many cases frequently employed parts for bodywork and trailers.

Via the workshops customers also have access to Scania Truck Gear, a range of garments designed for male and female professional drivers.

Scania Oil

Following more than 10 years of testing of 150 different oil qualities in customer vehicles, Scania is now introducing a range of lubrication oils that have been specially developed for Scania vehicles, optimised to provide minimum wear and minimum deposits – and hence maximum uptime.

Scania Oil

Scania Oil

The range comprises three grades of engine oil (Scania Oil E7 for normal operation and LDF and LDF2 for tougher conditions), two grades of gearbox oil (normal and high performance) and three grades of rear axle oil (two with different viscosities for normal operation and one for extra high demands). The oils are supplied in 5-litre canisters, and for workshop in 208-litre drums or 1000-litre containers.

Learn more about Scania oil here

Repair and maintenance contracts

Depending on local conditions and customer requirements, Scania distributors offer various types of repair and maintenance contracts, covering the chassis, the complete vehicle or the complete vehicle combination.

Used trucks and buses

The international Scania network co-operates in the supply of used vehicles to the market. Particularly useful is the Internet service via Scania’s national homepages that provides ready access to a thousand or so vehicles and trailers on offer. Detailed search options help narrow down the choice. The technical data included make it easier to select the most suitable vehicle for each purpose.

Scania has also introduced special repair and maintenance schemes devised to cost-effectively maintain ‘long-serving friends’, i.e. vehicles that are 4-5 years or older.

Scania Fleet Management

Scania’s fleet management solutions are designed to help drivers and operators achieve the highest possible efficiency from their vehicle fleet, while also allowing smooth interaction with the office and other on-board equipment and systems.

Scania’s data logging and communication service has been developed to provide a powerful tool for detailed monitoring and follow-up of fleet operations. The transport operator gets a complete package that provides an overview of how the fleet of vehicles is used, which in turn contributes to lower fuel costs and more perceptive and motivated drivers. The service is fully compatible with a mixed fleet of vehicles.

The service includes an on-board data logging unit, GPS positioning and communication with the office. Vehicle data as well as digital tachograph data (from 2009) can be read and analysed on the office portal or via an on-board computer, if fitted.

On-board computers are available in two sizes: Scania Interactor 300 and 500 with 7-inch and 10-inch touch screens. The Scania Interactor 500 is an open Windows-based platform that permits free installation of third-party software, whereas the 300 is intended for pre-installed software. Both allow for the same functionality with Scania fleet management software.

Scania Driver Log and Scania Order Support are services designed for simple integration into administration and order handling systems at the office.

Various national fleet management packages are available from Scania distributors.

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