Press kit: Scania broadens its power generation range

Press kit: Scania broadens its power generation range

Scania’s entire 9-, 13- and 16-litre power generation range is now US Tier 4f compliant, delivering sustainable answers here and now. The company is also proud to announce a new, 16-litre V8 single-speed engine for biogas and natural gas.

Scania’s focus is on sustainability and customer profitability. The star attractions at the Scania stand, brand new engine options and an alternative fuel range, are key components of that focus.

The latest addition to the power generation engines is a gas-fuelled version of Scania’s well-known 16-litre V8 engine. Specifically adapted for single-speed power generation, it packs a max power output of 500/525 kVA at 1,500/1,800 r/min.

Replacing diesel with natural gas or biogas helps in reducing both carbon dioxide emissions and noise. With natural gas CO2 emissions are reduced by as much as 20 percent; with biogas reductions can be as much as 90 percent.

Meeting US Tier 4f regulations

Scania’s complete range of 9-, 13- and 16-litre single-speed engines now meets US Tier 4f emission control regulations.

The engines feature Scania’s engine management and emission control, including Scania’s proven SCR (selective catalyst reduction) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technologies, ensuring an attractive blend of customised performance and long-term operating economy. Scania’s clean combustion technology means that the engines manage the strict Tier 4f regulations without the need for a particulate filter.

Alternative fuels in focus

In addition to solutions for biogas and natural gas, Scania offers different fuel options depending on the application and engine type. HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and up to 100 percent biodiesel are now compatible with all Scania engines.

A common customer choice, HVO is a synthetic diesel fuel that is produced by hydrotreating bio-oils. Every Scania engine can operate on HVO without any restrictions. The big advantages of HVO are that it is easy to use and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent.

Scania Gensets – a complete power generation solution from Scania

Scania Gensets are based on a proven design, come with several power-output alternatives, and are supported by Scania’s global service network.

The gensets are designated SG280 to SG770. The figures correspond to the gensets’ stand-by power rating in kVAs (kilovolt-amperes). Three engine sizes – 9, 13, or 16 litres – cover the power span. The 16-litre engine comes in a V8 configuration, while the 9- and 13-litre engines are in-line with five or six cylinders.

Visitors to the Scania stand will be able to see three examples first-hand: an SG550 genset, featuring a 13-litre engine providing 550 kVA of power; a 9-litre single-speed engine; and a 16-litre V8 single-speed engine for biogas and natural gas.

Scania’s global service network

Scania’s global network comprises more than 1,800 service workshops where power generation engines are an integral part. A large number of these can be accessed 365 days a year, thus ensuring high uptime and excellent operating economy.

Shared components and systems between the different engine series reduce costs for parts stocking and maximise availability. In addition, training of staff is facilitated by the commonality between the engine series and the use of common tools and diagnostics systems.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Liss, Vice President Sales, Scania Engines
Phone: +46 8 553 705 25