Safety watch

Safety watch

Scania recognises the huge responsibility that lies with the driver to ensure that roads are kept safe. The approach to road safety is built on three pillars: the vehicle, the infrastructure and, above all, the driver.

Design for safety helps protect drivers and occupants of other vehicles in case of accidents. Scania’s focus is on improving robustness, instrument panel positioning and dispersion of impact forces. Smart design creates an effective buffer around each driver to protect against the risks and consequences of accidents.

Scania Driver Support

Some examples of the approach include Scania’s Autonomous Emergency Braking System, which helps avoid accidents by prompting the driver to take action and, if necessary, initiating evasive moves. It uses long-distance radar technology and a forward-facing camera to alert drivers to potential collision dangers. Scania Driver Support provides ongoing interaction between vehicle and drivers. It supports drivers in improving performance.

Tired, long-distance drivers are also a key cause of human error. Drivers may fall asleep behind the wheel, inadvertently letting trucks drift from their lanes. Scania is piloting a lane-keeping assistance function to help drivers steer and prevent vehicles from leaving their lanes.