Safely on the road

Safely on the road

Scania Assistance is available in some 50 countries, some in the world’s most dangerous traffic environments.

A service technicians’ job is to come to the aid of drivers facing roadside breakdowns. On a daily basis, they have to contend with heavy traffic, accident-prone stretches of road or difficult weather conditions. To ensure their own, Scania’s customers’ and other road users’ well-being, they must rely on the right equipment and support, good judgement, and above all, a safety-first mentality.

Roadside safety

As one of five priority health and safety areas for Scania’s sales and services operations, Scania Assistance launched a strengthened, global policy for roadside assistance procedures in 2014.

Scania has developed a model for assistance on the road and a communications plan to visualise its key components. To raise awareness among service technicians, the new roadside safety model will be highlighted in the 2015 Scania Top Team Competitions, where regional finalists from 62 countries will be introduced to our safety procedures.

Scania Top Team encourages the development of personnel as both individuals and members of a team. In this way, the program contributes to higher skills and higher uptime for customer vehicles.