This post will be about my project during rotation 1 that i am working on most of my time. I also just passed my driving test so i will also mention that a little bit.
Rotation 1 & Driving license

Rotation 1 & Driving license


These last couple of weeks I have had a very tight schedule. The project I am working with on my first rotation are now in phase were I am testing whether my ideas will give any improvement or not. This week is actually the first week that I have been able to really focus on my project. I had some days with education and meetings related to the trainee program but most of the time I spent at my office working with my project. Before this week I spent a lot of time on driving lessons witch I was at the driving school for at least five hours per week practicing driving trucks. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned this earlier, but one of the benefits as a trainee is that we get the opportunity to take a driving license for trucks. Finally I passed the driving test so I don’t need to go to driving lessons any longer. Even though it was great fun, it was also very time consuming so this will give me much more time for my project these coming weeks.

The assignment for my project have been to create a long term solution for internal material supply of box deliveries from the logistics center to consumption location at the engine assembly. For those of you who are interested in production logistics, you would find this project very interesting. As I understand it, this is a typical scope for a master thesis within logistics at Scania. I do in fact have a master thesis from some years ago where they looked into on how to manage the supply of boxes at the engine assembly. My task now is to make some adjustments on the suggestions from the master thesis as the situation have changes since the thesis was carried out. From now on I will start testing some adjustments and if it turn out well start to implement the changes for real.

What I am doing is that I overview the process and follow the forklifts looking for potential waste in the process to identify areas of improvement. next to that, I analyse the consumption of boxes in excel to understand if there are any patterns. I then try to integrate the findings from the way they are working, the consumption patterns and the requirements on the process to come up with ideas on how to be more efficient. In this specific case, I will try to create a more balanced flow by synchronizing people in another way and use the process lead time to enable a more efficient process.

This project stretches over several organisations within Scania and the scope lies therefore within the interests of many different people.  This have turned out to be more difficult than I expected, both by understanding their way of looking at the process. Since I am looking at the process with an holistic view I also need to explain to them how their way of working effect their surroundings and other parts of the process, in sometimes a negative way causing disturbances. Since they don’t have the opportunity to understand the whole process, since it only is a small part of their responsibilities. I can’t blame them for doing it wrong, but it is very hard to explain that their way of working need to change without offending anyone. in that area, I guess I still have a lot more to learn. Hopefully they will accept my suggestions and implement the changes that are necessary to become more efficient.

Have a great week





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