Roadside access to worldwide expertise

Roadside access to worldwide expertise

When Scania trucks in sparsely-populated Norway encounter mechanical or software problems, Scania’s around the clock assistance service stands prepared to help – regardless of hour or location. Skilled service technicians can often solve problems immediately, allowing the afflicted truck to continue its journey.

Despite advanced vehicle diagnostics tools to guide them, service technicians are, however, occasionally unable to pinpoint the fault, especially with the increasingly sophisticated electronic systems.

Service technicians in Norway can nowadays call on the services not only of nearby workshops but also on expertise in Norway and worldwide. Although modern trucks rarely face problems, these are always associated with lost time and revenue when they occur. By speeding up necessary repairs on site by the road without using towing services, Scania helps reduce downtime and ensures resumed transport operations with only minimal delay.

Plugging into the truck’s On Board Diagnostics outlet with the Vehicle Communication Interface device provides access to control systems. This information is then transmitted to the new Scania Mobile Access Point, which in turn relays the information as encrypted data to workshops, Scania’s Norwegian local helpdesk and Scania’s global helpdesks.

The best technical minds in Scania thereby have full access into the truck’s vital systems for a complete and thorough analysis. The fault might, for example, require a software update, which can be effectively carried out.

“We’ve moved the workshop onto the roadside. All we need is mobile 3G access,” says Product Technician Jon Are Wethal, Norsk Scania.