Scania’s strategy to be the leader in sustainable transport demands a sustainable approach across the whole supply chain. Consequently, purchasing plays a crucial role in the company’s global development.

Scania Global Purchasing is responsible for the company’s purchases of parts and components, both newly developed ones and those already in production, as well as of spare parts and non-automotive products and services.

The purchasing organisation performs procurement activities globally and has local purchasing offices in all strategic supplier markets. The focus is on supporting Scania’s worldwide volume growth with the right technology, excellent quality, precise delivery, competitive cost and an overall sustainable setup.

Purchasing continually works to identify innovative products and production processes. The organisation also aims to increase the local content in Scania’s global production system to fulfil legal requirements as well as to reduce costs and currency risks. Finally, purchasing strives to find the right technology for specific markets to be in the position to localise production at competitive costs.

In short, Scania Global Purchasing contributes to Scania’s ability to bring optimised products and services to market as quickly as possible to bring better value to the company’s customers. The purchasing organisation’s ability to manage all these tasks in a professional, efficient and successful way is crucial for the success of Scania.

Roles within Purchasing

There are numerous types of roles within Purchasing at Scania. These are some examples of roles and their associated duties.

Sourcing Manager

  • responsible for purchasing of products and services for all Scania units around the world
  • develops and acts on global procurement strategies
  • responsible for negotiations, and for drawing up and entering contracts
  • develops current and future suppliers
  • quality assurance of new products and components
  • collaborates internationally, with many internal and external contacts

Supplier Quality Manager

  • ensures quality, capacity and waste minimisation in regards to purchased products
  • evaluates current and new suppliers and their ability to deliver to Scania’s standards
  • quality assurance of new and changed products before production
  • collaborates internationally, with many internal and external contacts

Purchasing on Line (POL)

  • finds solutions to deviations from specifications regarding purchased products
  • handles quality deviations relating to suppliers, finds quick solutions to secure production
  • influences technical development of products for optimal quality, delivery and cost
  • collaborates internationally, with many internal and external contacts

Supply Chain Development (Senior Consultants)

  • responsible for activities aimed at developing Scania’s suppliers with regards to quality, delivery, cost and production processes
  • participates in supplier workshops and courses, develops and improves processes, tools and supplier methods to better adhere to the Scania’s Production System.
  • collaborates internationally, with many internal and external contacts
  • contributes with knowledge and education in modern production-thinking (SPS)

Product Calculator

  • calculates the cost of items
  • supports purchaser with cost evaluations for PD process operations
  • participates in negotiations and meetings, acting as an expert within the relevant area

Project Manager within Strategic Development

  • organises and drives projects and activities. Develops common principles and methods for the global purchasing organisation
  • education and support of the whole procurement organisation
  • cross-functional collaboration with other units within Scania

Business Analyst

  • delivers business intelligence and analysis to the global procurement organisation
  • participates in negotiations and meetings as an expert within the relevant area
  • analyses, presents and reports within three areas:
    • business intelligence
    • supplier evaluation
    • company potential
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