Last week Scania Production and Logistics arranged the yearly event Technology day with the focus on inspiration, innovation and networking. Since networking is part of the event, me and my trainee colleagues did of course get an invitation, how it went, i will tell you about in this post
Production & Logistics Technology Day

Production & Logistics Technology Day

Last week Production & Logistics (P&L) organization arranged a yearly event called P&L Technology Day. Technology Day is an event where P&L gather people from all over Scanias global production organisation for a one day seminar filled with lectures and workshops. The idea behind the event is to create innovation and inspiration among the employees, but most important to enable networking within P&L organization. Me and my trainee colleagues were invited to participate in the event, something that all of us of course choose to do. 

Every year Technology Day follows a certain theme, this year the topic was “Together We Achieve More”, giving us the opportunity to reflect about what have us successful in the past and what do we need to do, to be successful also in the future. I believe this topic is extremely important with the changes that might come within an production in the coming years. Digitization and Artificial intelligent are two emerging technologies that might very well disrupt the manufacturing as wee see it today, increasing research initiatives all over the world about this topic indicates that these changes will come. For us to be able to stay competitive within production we need to embrace these new technologies and integrate them into our production system. The first workshop of today was, as indicated above a reflection of our past. We got divided into small groups with the task to perform a SWOT-analysis of our history. For me, with 8 weeks of experience within Scania I couldn’t really contribute that much, My teammates on the other hand, some with 30 years of experience had a lot to reflect about. Everything from problems with previous product introductions, the build-up of Scania-Production-System and how Scania handled the economic crises 2008 were brought up and reflected upon during the Workshop. I did manage to ask some questions that put some extra energy into the discussion but most valuable for me to take part of their experiences within Scania.

In the afternoon focus shifted towards the future. We got some lectures about the latest research within Artificial intelligence in a production environment and what digitization enables and there was also a small exhibition showing examples of the latest technology within the field, for example human-machine interaction. These lectures and exhibitors contributed a with both inspiration and innovation for the future, so at least two of the goals for Technology Day and increased knowledge for the second workshop of the day. This time my group discussed what competence we need in the future, and how will we attract them to Scania. With this topic, i was able to contribute a lot more only by talking about what me and my friends are looking for when choosing an employer, perhaps most important flexibility in where and when you work and not only salary.

Technology Day ended with the P&L management board participating in a panel discussion presenting their thoughts, ideas and impressions of the day. Apart from that, some of my trainee colleagues got the task to present the conclusions of the second workshop. I think it was an excellent way to wrap up the day by letting the most recent employed people to the company present and comment on the conclusion of the day.


Patrik (Trainee 2017) Together with Susanna and Clara (Trainee 2018) presenting the conclusion of 2018’s Technology dayAndreas Sundbom

What about the networking, the most important topic of Technology Day?
Well it felt like many of the people attending did have something in common and got a great opportunity to strengthen their connections, to create new was a bit more tricky. But i guess that is quite normal and at least I didn’t walk away empty handed, I did get some contact with some people that i for sure will take advantage of by booking a study visit in the future. Perhaps you will get to read about that later, but next week there will be more about networking, many events to attend coming up.

See you
Fredrik Andersson




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